Hi There!

I am Ankur Agrawal.

A guy with a vast spectrum of interest exploring life and world to the fullest. I have a special interest in philosophy, history, science, technology, business, investing, stocks, real estate, politics, networking and travelling.

I dropped out of soul-sucking & boring college and now educating myself to the fullest on the internet. I am also gathering a portfolio of new skills from sites like Udemy and learning cool new stuff from YouTube channels like Crash Course by John and Hank Green.

I am also big on self-development. It turns out that trashy & obsolete education system has weakened me in many areas of my life. Gotta build them now from scratch. For that, I am reading books constantly. Be it "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or 4-hour-workweek or The Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, I am doing it all.

My PRIMARY PURPOSE for creating this website is to help myself learn faster, arrange my thoughts and better myself.

If you are also an exciting, curious and open-minded person like me, then Welcome to my site. You can find here about everything that I learn and do. Places I go, People I meet, thoughts I think and everything else.

I write about them on the blog section of this website. Come over there. Let's have an enriching & interesting conversation.

You can also connect me on social media. I am quite active on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora

Thanks for visiting my site. It's a wonderful time to be alive.

Have a great day!